Fujitsu ActivateNow 2021 available now On-Demand

Be sure to check out the full range of sessions, now available for your
On-Demand viewing until December 2021.
There is something for everyone!


Fujitsu ActivateNow brings you a new perspective, helping you visualise how your organisation can contribute to building a more sustainable society.

Gain instant access to our virtual world, that includes a comprehensive program of sessions with thought leaders sharing their insights on the greatest challenges and opportunities.


 Featured content includes:

  • Regional Keynote led by Graeme Beardsell, CEO, Fujitsu Oceania and John Hunt, CIO, The Woolworths Group 
  • Project Sagasu: Harnessing AI for better healthcare.
  • Using Next-Gen data analytics & AI to drive sustainable manufacturing.
  • Customising your click and collect experience.
  • The Mini Woolworths Project, a collaboration story with Fujitsu.
  • Transform the citizen experience with Fujitsu and ServiceNow.
  • Empowering AI innovation with Fujitsu's AI Test Drive.
  • Securely transform and optimise your digital landscape into an adaptive organisation.

Access the On-Demand sessions here to discover how Fujitsu can empower you to become a change-maker.

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